Saturday, 22 August 2015

Incinerator Update

Private Eye article 

Interesting meeting this morning. Local Lib Dem councillor rebel Nick Mattey (currently being expelled from the Party) was blowing the cover on some of the local planning internal processes.

Interesting the links between Viridor, it's charity wing Viridor Environmental Credits (they set up their own charity to receive their charity donations from landfill tax which they use as a PR vehicle for their commercial operations) the Anglican Church (happy to receive the donations on behalf of the Lib Dems so that the church can stop its churches falling down because the public don't believe in that shit anymore so aren't paying the tithes on Sunday) and the Lib Dems (who take legal back handers (( and party funding no doubt from elsewhere)) from corporations via the Anglican Church in exchange for using the church for political activity and also in exchange for granting planning permission (through controlling the Council) to the Corporation, Viridor to build incinerators on nature reserves in deprived areas which literally destroys biodiversity and can't be too healthy for local people  (reserves and communities which are poorly defended by a weak, fragmented social environmental movement, where major NGOs like the RSPB and WWT are becoming increasingly dependant on corporations like Viridor to keep themselves going through the Credits scheme (e.g Great Crane Project)- so not only are muted against the corruption-but are party too it). Beautiful!

Take a Bow.

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