Friday, 7 August 2015

Direct Action to protect Beddington Farmlands

It is beginning.

In short, following local dissatisfaction with the public consultation stage of the incinerator application, a judicial review followed, failed and an attempt to bring a legal appeal also failed.

Some of the reason for the failure was lack of cohesion from the local community (so an own goal basically) but it boils down to an unsatisfactory path ahead which only leaves the direct action option available.

Background on this HERE
Judicial Review info HERE
Legal Appeal HERE
INSIDE CROYDON Local Independent News Source reporting on subject HERE

Additionally there is an ongoing confidential LGO investigation currently under way.


Nick Mattey said...

Peter there has been a deliberate attempt to mislead people about landfill and incineration.
I have asked Tom Brake MP who has chaired meetings between residents and Viridor Executives
when he first knew that two of his chief financial sponsors the Drages were personal friends of the Drummonds Colin Drummond was the then Chief Executive of Viridor. I would like to know
if he knew of this friendship did he inform the meeting of this friendship

Peter Alfrey said...

Councillors awarding long term friends highly sensitive contracts and then a quarter of a million pound ending up at said councillors church and party meeting hall from that friends company doesn't look good I agree.
The only part of this I have any expertise in is the conservation management and there have been breaches of conditions which are arguably illegal/ require enforcement action/ need to be addressed. Until those conditions are fulfilled and adequate mitigation for the damage to the reserve is forthcoming there's no option for myself but to out right oppose this development in its entirety. If the wildlife conservation is any bench mark to go by- who knows what else has been going on- I'll have to leave that to others with the necessary specialist knowledge but am very keen to join up for a common goal to stop this incinerator.