Friday, 7 August 2015

Sutton Community Farm

 Corporate volunteers at work (the good, very good side of corporations. Of course corporations do a lot of good as everyone knows even within core services but  because of the size and the reliance on systems to make decisions, they have the potential to inadvertently cause damage to people and nature. Important that those systems integrate social and environmental factors and things are very positively moving in that direction for many advanced companies. 
 Sutton Community Farm HQ

 Beans and Tomatoes
 Biodiversity features in need of a bit of improving- that's how we can help
Artichoke flower - stunning
Visited Sam at the Sutton Community Farm today to have a look at how Little Oak can contribute to the farm. We had a look round the 6 acres, lots going on. Talked about setting up a log area to sell firewood and also helping out with the biodiversity improvements.
Great project- where I get all my organic veg from. Loads of wildlife on the farm. Hoping to get over there soon with Sid to have a closer look. 

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