Saturday, 22 August 2015

Defending the Patch

Got a meeting with the Green party, Stop the Incinerator group today. Hoping to discuss some ways of bringing more attention to the failures of our local democracy that has led to problems at Beddington Farmlands. Playing with ideas of direct action, publicity stunts, shame campaigning and further legal challenge. 

Community action (symbiotic networks) is the holy grail to human thriving/surviving I would say but finding that is fraught with danger. Individual power is the greatest form of power and changing personal behaviour/ personal effort is the single greatest contribution to humanity possible . However without being able to connect with others in co-coordinating that effort- its a squalid, lonely and isolated position which will be stunted and have little impact. However however the price for connecting with others can be very high, if individual principle and belief is compromised for temporary confidence/company/support. A charismatic leader, hijacking a true emotive issue and taking the spoils from leading their minions to failure is the oldest trick in the book (its how the foolish learn the hard way). Movement coalescing into clans and small isolated groups that share core values but are in conflict with each other over minutiae or resources is basically holding bays for stupidity (the current state of the environmental social movement) . 

A true movement should be based on deep principle and conviction of individuals (the only place that Truth resides). They should all be leaders in one way or another, effort should be spread evenly and should be focused on helping to lead each other to collective victory/ survival/ benefit/ fun.  Basically the most un-natural state that can ever be imagined :-)... but what are humans in nature? In my opinion the only animal that can rebel against the natural order and create something independent, something in time which is an improvement .

Here's some beginner level stuff on patch defending that I wrote for Birdwatch:


and here is a little ditty about a call to rebel against an old order and the reply of those clinging onto an old fashioned decaying way :

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