Monday, 1 December 2014

The Gentle Revolution

 Champions of the Flyway-  the last few years has seen a growth in campaigning action from the birding community with a closer assimilation between birders, conservation organisations and the environmental sector. Communities taking ownership and custodianship of the things they value most is central to a move towards an improved system/ more advanced alternative system. The trend in the birding community is something occurring over wider society, with a move towards autonomous groups taking control, defending their areas of interest and challenging the mains system. (Photo sourced from Champions of the Flyway) 
 The most important reason to detach from the main system (that primarily values capital gain and social class) and connect to the con-current socio-environmental sub-system (that primarily values people and nature)  is needless to say that the main system is rigged for the benefit of a few at the expense of the majority and the environment (so its likely individuals are being manipulated to generate their own decline). As Traditional Capitalism enters its darkest (most brilliant for the masterminds behind it) years the system will exclude increasing numbers of people from society and make increasing challenges on environmental protection so that nature can be processed into capital -at an exponential rate. Its like a black hole maintaining itself by sucking in the energy of everything and anything around it (presumably before it implodes). (Photo sourced from UK uncut) 

 The march of the right wing , the re-emergence of the class war are all setting the scene for an extremely unstable future. UKIP are not a challenge on the establishment- they are part of the establishment- the worst part of it? Some say they are a bunch of disgraced and failed Tories who can see they can get power by turning the people against each other  and scavenging off the remains of the battlefield.  Chaos (to some degree) has to proceed a period of re-organisation and it looks very much like things are heading that way. This lot will quite likely lead the dispossessed and the victims of traditional capitalism into working against the interests of each other in situ- basically its the cheapest way of dividing society. (Photo sourced from UK uncut).

The students are it again. (Photo sourced from UK uncut) 

So the gentle revolution continues at geological pace but things do seem to be building at the moment- might get a bit of earthquake or some kind of sudden release of pressure. I've moved all my personal finances and stocks into bunker mode again. 
Could do with a big break. To some degree its being held up by make believe capital (Quantitative easing) and anti-depressants (Chemical control) and bullshit (that traditional politics has the solution) but how long can an unstoppable force be held back- the longer you hold it back the greater force it will arrive with?
We need a system with the environmental and social conscience well represented in policy and enforcement- i.e. we need a real democracy and not whatever this nonsense we have is?? 

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