Saturday, 29 November 2014

Conservation Fundamentalist?

Red spot is where I came out on the test 

I took this : POLITICAL COMPASS TEST as recommended by Mark Avery . According to the test I come out as a lefty libertarian. 

To be honest- not a big fan of general politics (or these stupid tests which try and undermine the importance of appreciating complexity and are probably rigged too)  - always thought there was something random and nonsensical about the concepts of right wing and left wing- a chaotic jumble of traditional morality, vice, state control and individualism e.g. 

1. Right wing (jumble) : Christianity/War Lust, Anti-homosexuality/Pro-Greed, Racist/ Pro-Globalisation, State Brutality/ Free Market, Poor social and environmental regulation/ Philanthropy, (they love hunting too)

2. Left wing (jumble): Science/ Mysticism, Environmental regulation/ Libertarianism, Anti-authoritarian/ Political Extreme Passive Aggression (Political Correctness), Revolutionists/ Lazy bastards

To me it all looks like a load of shit?? I could move around that model above depending on what issue, what particular situation, what mood I was in, who it was related too etc etc. I just think the whole idea of an individual shackling themselves with political rules or classes  is debilitating. I can see the argument of strength in numbers but societies can be as oppressive as they are liberating.  These modes (right and left wing) of thinking can probably be traced back to particularly influential thinkers (individuals or small groups)- thought modes in much need of modernisation.

The only thing that makes sense to me is learning from experience and applying that experience to every situation- treating every situation/problem in a unique way. When required I'll be completely authoritarian, when not required I'll be completely libertarian. There are no rules (always hold them lightly) as far as I'm concerned.. 

'Political classes' to me seems like the mutant child of the human herding instinct trying to superimpose itself on a group psychosis- choose which mental asylum you're in? I always come to the conclusion that insanity is the only thing that unites humanity and appreciating that is probably a good thing (and not to be intimidated by power or classes- the powerful are as mental and clueless as all of us and individual empowerment and a move towards a true democracy is more possible by appreciating that).   

Nature is one of the most important things in my life and I find myself pretty much at war with the society around me that doesn't value nature in the same way as I do. So if I had to call myself anything it wouldn't be a lefty, conservative, labour, lib dem or green it would probably be a Nature Conservation Fundamentalist? (a non-violent one). I will do anything that is required to protect it and I will align with any group or individuals that share my value and love for nature. (and end up pissing them all off because they probably won't accept my non-political class alignment and mingling with the 'enemy'). Fuck them all in that case- I'll have a go at what one madman can do alone. Nature is my ally- and she is the biggest arse whipping bitch on the planet. Don't really need anyone else. 

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