Sunday, 7 December 2014

2. Songs of Praise: Llama

The second instalment of Songs of Praise, a 'family musical' story that I've knocked up about the adventures of a young naturalist.


So outdoors was great but there was grief out there. Perhaps it was better indoors?
That was grief too! Relatives would come round to talk and ask him strange questions. They would fret and fuss and bother and talk some more.
There was Uncle Tom, Grandad Bootsie and Freda and Lorraine who just not stop talking. But worst of all was Auntie Llama.
She had a very strange indigestion problem.

This is a song about family life in a working class home where health problems are part of everyday life. In order to cope with the horror of vomiting old people on a daily basis, we as kids used to imagine we were living with Llamas that used to spit everywhere. Instead of spitting out horrible things all over the house we used to imagine they would spit out cute baby Llamas everywhere they went. Everyone coped well that way. 

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