Saturday, 6 December 2014

The People and Nature Surge

Social media has certainly gone some way to unlocking the monopoly on information/ideas from the traditional media resulting in better prospects for fringe political parties- like the Greens. Surely it only makes sense that the political environment is populated with a wider choice of political parties that represent more complex considerations- the whole two party right/left wing thing needs modernising?

I'm joining the Greens as their policies are closest to what I agree with. I've always voted Greens in the past but mainly because the local candidate was one of our bird group (Derek) or my old geographer teacher (Bob) and I like the colour Green :-).

I think there is a strong link between nature conservation, social inequality and wider political considerations. I think so much of our countries growth is now malignant growth- the benefits going to only a few where the majority suffer from the effects of over-population, loss of green space, dis-connection from nature, marginalisation, poor air quality, poor environmental conditions  etc. It's harmful and resulting in a sick society.

In my opinion, the solution to addressing malignant growth is empowerment of individuals who want to see it stop. It's basically like a counter attack by positive anti-bodies. Individuals need to take positions of political power- particularly local positions (within those positions they can express their main interests- e.g. in my case nature conservation). Individuals can set up businesses that promote social and environmental values. Individuals can look at their consumer choices and focus on supporting producers with social and environmental values. Individuals can challenge planning decisions, protest and stand in the way of anti social and anti environmental actions.

The changes can only occur by focusing on individual problems.  It won't, can't and never will come only from the top down- it all has to work together . Some of that has to come out of the ground.  Individuals cannot simply vote in change, they cannot sub-contract their personal responsibility to a political party, it's not safe to hand over their (our) well being to others. I reckon its better to be an active participator.

It's a better idea to drive the change ourselves, defend ourselves and create the environments we want to see (and yes do that as part of supporting parties, other groups etc). There is no other way for things to change for the better- nothing will be different unless the people who want it to be different start creating that difference. Being a member of a society it a great responsibility. Apathy is deadly- literally- We are part of nature- and nature is tough.

Loss of natural biodiversity and social inequality gets worse everyday. I think it has to be like this. Things have to hit the bottom before they bounce back to the top. Its just a natural rhythm- a natural cycle.  I suspect we are getting pretty close to the bottom but we are not there yet.

Here's what happened to Warwick University students yesterday who were protesting about uni fees. Yes there are complex arguments about state and individual responsibility regarding educational provision but this brutality by the police is increasing evidence that as inequality grows, as past expectations are managed (have people been spoilt in the past) as police resources become stretched and personal strain on those individuals build- the end result could be unsatisfactory.

A kick off at Warwick University 

I reckon there's a risk that things could escalate to a crisis point- features of that being reminiscent of  the riots of August 2011. Hopefully that crisis point will be a bottom point and it will be in that relatively short moment that energy for the bounce back will be harnessed by those who will drive the recovery (the Real Recovery); a recovery that puts social well being and a healthy nature filled environment as core values to society.

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