Thursday, 4 December 2014

Work- Different day, different sh#t

Thursday is quoting day for me- when I go out to meet clients, survey and report/price up work. Every week different problems and different things of interest. Here's a few things from today.

 Tulip Tree on a private housing estate. The tree is covered with a preservation order (TPO) and management is carried out with consultation/approval from the local authority tree officer. The tree is close to the housing block so there are potential problems from blocking out light, blocking gutters and also potential for root damage. The tree is a beautiful specimen of a fairly unusual tree so works have to be sympathetic to address issues while maintaining aesthetic quality and health. Works to date include minimal pruning back from property, lifting of lower branches and thinning the density of the crown.  
 On another estate the residents have reported this tree (Sycamore) as they are worried it will fall over onto the property. Again this tree is covered by a TPO. Due to a mass of ivy at the base it's difficult to see whether the tree is showing any kind of up-rooting/movement. Despite a lean the tree could be safe and stable. This problem will require further consulting work. As the tree is TPO'd will call in the Local Authoirty Tree Officer to discuss.  
 Neighbours are often rather good at finding other neighbours problems. This tree was reported to the management company by the neighbouring management company. We spend quite a lot of time in our work getting caught in the middle of neighbour disputes (and do our best to mediate/referee/pick the winning side!). This Sycamore is close to a garage and potentially the tree could cause problems by root damage, excess leaf litter, shade and damp problems and from an intrusive canopy. We've pruned back the lower branches and the canopy in the past and cut the ivy at the base. To mitigate further for the reported concerns will recommend thinning of the canopy and continual monitoring. 
 The owners here want to remove this tree (Lawson's Cypress). I couldn't see any safety issues or concerns, the tree looked okay aesthetically- could do with the top being tidied up a bit and the sides very lightly trimmed. I'll send them a report and quote for that. Unfortunately they weren't in so hopefully will get a further chance to discuss the situation with them.   
 Campanula- flowering today! BBC news reported it was the warmest year on record. The leaves on the trees are doing the main fall only now.
Mixed fungi on a rotten log (at the farmlands entrance)
The work day is not over yet. 7pm Local Committee meeting this evening to represent the neighbourhood development group with the plans to develop a greener neighbourhood. I quite like the mix of meetings and field work so not a bad day. 

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