Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Obs recycling

Try to be as pro-environment as possible at the obs but must confess to not having a good track record for recycling. Always thought the quicker they fill up the tip at the farmlands, the sooner the restoration will be complete? Anyway, the tip is nearly full so I got myself a mixed recyling container (luckily it appeared on my doorstep from the council just when I was thinking of reforming).

So recycling scheme now added to energy efficient light bulbs, organic food policy, minimum packaging policy, natural cosmetics policy, mail packaging re-use and electricity monitoring (all of which I could do better at).

Trying to put good use to these long winter evenings- so in addition at looking into obs improvements (got some new house plants recently) working on the Beddington Farmlands Plant Systematic List and getting the annual report up to date. Been doing the Azores Nature funding bid today- hopefully can get some money together to fund more exploration/ publications (an improved annual report hopefully too) etc- need to start getting the word out for next years new trip soon- perhaps a promotional article?. Also hoping that by the end of this winter would have completed the Hackbridge Green Space Management Plan (and Neighbourhood Plan) and sorted out a blueprint to try and set up the first Little Oak chain next Spring.  Be good to see the Judicial Review Appeal and Formal Complaint Procedure making good progress. So hoping for productive winter (hope we get some cold weather movements too).

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