Thursday, 29 September 2022

West Papua, Malagafuk

The third leg of our trip took us on another domestic flight from Manokwari to Sorong. Flying over vast  unspoilt rain forest was fantastic. Our first destination from Sorong was Malagafuk village, an eco-village project. The village is reached on foot only via a three mile boardwalk through wet forest and from the village there are various forest trails to explore. Ebird lists from this area in the trip report HERE. We stayed two nights here before heading back to Sorong to get the ferry to Waigeo Island. 

Wallace's Owlet-nightjar- a local specialist 
Emperor Fairy Wren
The local lek of King Bird-of-Paradise gave us the best views of this species on the trip
Wompoo Fruit Dove
Pinion's Imperial Pigeon
Golden Myna
Sulphur Crested Cockatoo
Striped Possum
Presumed Common Echymipera (a Long-nosed Spiny Bandicoot) 
Presumed Northern Common Cuscus . We also saw the endemic Waigeo Cuscus later on in the trip. Other mammals seen on the trip included various smaller bats (presumed Leaf-nosed Bats). flying foxes/fruit bats and offshore we had a few cetaceans. 
The three mile long famous (and slippery!) board walk of Malagufuk
Surprised to such plush accommodation when we finally arrived at the hidden paradise

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