Monday 14 March 2022

Omid Update

So it finally happened. Omid started migrating from Iran on 8th March and was eventually discovered five days later at Shirvan in Az yesterday (13th) . A few WP birders were still in Az and managed to twitch it but the majority of people had left by Saturday. It was only present a few hours in the morning at Shirvan before continuing on it's lonely migration north. 

Interesting to learn that Emin Yogurtcuoglu (Top Turkish Birder) has been in discussion with various authorities to launch an Omid Conservation project involving the reintroduction of captive breeding birds from a zoo in Belgium into the wintering area of Omid in the hope it pairs up with a female and takes her on the long migration to Russia. Will be fantastic if that gets off the ground.  Apparently a similar project in the Volga Delta involving a dozen or so reintroduced birds failed to connect with Omid so locating another attempt within Omid's wintering ground could be a better focus. I did hear that Putin himself has expressed previous interest in Siberian Crane conservation in Russia so 'Omid' (Persian for 'Hope') could help with future 'healing'. Fingers crossed. 

Video by Orban Zoltan

Omid beginning it's migrating in Iran on the southern shores of the Caspian Sea, approx 500km from where it was located in Az (Video by Camping/Birding Azerbaijan HERE. This site is owned by hunters (you can hear the guns) and part of the reason Omid is the only Siberian Crane in the WP left is due to hunting pressure. Any Siberian Crane conservation project in this region will highlight these issues.

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Unknown said...

Omid left his wintering ground in Iran on 8th March and appeared 5 days later at Shirvan National Park in the morning of 13th March.