Wednesday, 4 August 2021


A busy day, overnighted at Walton last night (Little Owl again) and then did a morning of quotes in South London before meeting Zach at the farmlands for a Brown Hairstreak twitch and dip and then spent the evening at Denbies Hillside with Gillian twitching and dipping Adonis Blue.

Chalkhill Blue at Denbies, literally hundreds of these, must have been 500 on the section we covered 
Brown Argus a few of these and a single Common Blue 
Silver-spotted Skipper 
Chalk Carpet (above)- a few of these, lots of 'Treble Bars', a Clouded Buff and Lace Borders (below)  

A worn Oncocera semirubella I presume 
Pyrausta despicata
A couple of Plume moths to id (above and below)

Chalkhill Blues (males and females) 
Had this Long-legged Tabby, Synaphe punctalis at the campsite this morning- an overdue lifer . Also had Jersey Tigers and Box-tree Moths flying around gardens, noticeable absentees 70 miles to the north at the Old Vic. 

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