Sunday, 30 June 2019

Well it is Sunday

The main problem is that green issues have been annexed and stolen by the left wing. Left, right and central politics is tribalism and the climate and ecological emergency is beyond tribes- it is beyond political tribes, beyond nation states, beyond left and right, beyond social groups, beyond race- this is the white walker threat, this is the threat of extinction of the entire species, this is death versus life.
While tribalism provides the human species with the ability to differentiate and specialise, it also provides the necessary compartmentalisation for self selective extinction. Those extremist elements of one tribe will conflict with other tribes and will self annihilate. It will be those individuals who are blinkered with hatred or blind obedience to hateful leaders that will choose to thin themselves out for the benefit of the whole species. Additionally some spiritual martyrs will also sacrifice themselves while highlighting options to the self destructive- who will destroy their rescuers.
Beyond politics, beyond tribalism there seems to be no better unifying concept than individual morality and the projection of positive or negative consciousness, actions motivated by emotions, emotions in the context of species level ideology and the recognition that goals should be set within the framework of one planet, one infinite nature, one human species, one chance.
The end (of the unsustainable capitalist dominated paradigm) really is near (within a generation or two) and the best chance of survival is for the right to deliver moral based (moderated by environmental and social indices) market force driven corporate structures, the left to provide the solutions to market failure and to deliver non-fiscal wealth generating structures and for the centrists to provide the bridge between the left and right.
In the meantime the forces of extremism; primarily fundamental capitalism but also fundamental religion, extreme liberalism and extreme tribalism/nationalism, extreme human-centrics will push the planet to the brink of the abyss, to the very edge of extinction of all life and all humans - where in the darkest hour, that final chance- everything will change and the new sustainable paradigm will be forged from that immense pressure in that immense global showdown, where unification, morality and faith will have to prevail in some shape and form to counter the threat of the emerging super human ruling class, a global dictatorship, mass enslavement, the collapse of global ecosystems and the destruction of Earth.
It will not be environmentalists or the left wing that save nature from the human threat (the biggest threat environmentalists face is the wishy washy hypocrites and extremist contingent of their own tribe). Only a pan-tribal, pan-political movement will do the job.

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