Friday, 29 March 2019

Water Pipit Calls

Following a bit of discussion on Twitter about the good numbers of Water Pipits across the UK this winter and also this intriguing Water Pipit a couple of days (below and here ), Amy Robjohns found a good article on another feature, the call, that can help to identify a Caucasian Pipit A.s.coutellii ARTICLE HERE

Caucasian Pipit has been flagged up as a potential vagrant to UK so worth keeping any eye and ear out. The call sonogram signature of Caucasian Pipit is pretty distinctive with an 'M' shape as opposed to the more lightning strike shape of Water Pipit. 

 Caucasian Pipit Full article here

Water Pipit Full article here

So armed with this information I went out this morning to see if I could track down the interesting individual but unfortunately it looks like there has been an exodus of our Water Pipits and I could only find three birds left. I managed to sound record them and it appears they were all typical spionoletta Water Pipit . Sonograms below:

Water Pipit 1-3 (above and below) 

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