Tuesday 8 November 2016

Trump vs Clinton

What a choice, Black or blue, a zombie takeover or more war, left wing hate or right wing hate, rapid decline or slow decline?

There is another choice. Choose ourselves? We as individuals are world leaders, we are the masters, our consumer choices, our behaviour, how we influence the world in our own little way, the systems we support, the things we engage in, the support we give to each other, the thoughts that are going on in our heads and the way we choose to act on those thoughts.

Central leadership, central government is basically a by-product of a lack of self belief, The less individuals believe in themselves as the agents of change, as the masters of life, as the key to solutions - the more powerful central leadership becomes. The less we believe the more powerful and grotesque they become. Central power harnesses itself by doing all it can to break down self belief, to create an illusion of strength which is sustained by fear. A fear which if ignored has no real power- a fear which digs so deep into our sub-conscious, a fear of death, of loss of freedom if we do not do what they want. That fear is a self fulfilling prophesy- we are only in danger if we believe them. They will lead us to our worst nightmares.

The truth is there is an equality of power, each one of us have the potential to be as powerful as everyone else. True power is not measured on ownership, on popularity, on position, on privilege, True power is measured by the measure of our own ability to meet our own objectives, to reach our full potential, to be the best people that we can be within our own minds, to find peace, to find comfort, purpose and meaning.

Central power aims to destroy individual empowerment. It is part of the human condition to drift towards self destruction if not consciously checked. The purpose/advantage of conscious thought is for us as an animal to be able to defy odds, to defy the cruel indifference of nature and the lottery of maths and natural laws. We stand above all creatures on having that ability to such a great degree- to master/guide our evolutionary path. If we as individuals do not use that power we naturally drift to our ape like, hierachial pasts- violent, warring, un-democratic brutal, ignorant, pathetic. Society collapses.

Central power if unchecked will contort, will mutate into a dangerous and deadly force and it will do it everytime. History repeats itself. Collective memory wipes out the experiences of the past. Here we go again. Its time for true justice to rise as the nightmare crystallises into its full and horrific manifestations- a horror we can avoid to some degree if we act quickly.

Here's a song about central vs individual power. Our well being is primarily about our close relationships, being loved, feeling valued, being part of a society where we are important... and we are all important not just some of us. Despite our desire to have our most basic needs met, we might just wish to be alone with the things we love without putting much effort into that but we have to understand that we have a responsibility, we are all connected and our own well being is dependent on supporting others around us and appreciating what they do. To notice positive effort, to support it. Even central government has a true and just purpose, even heads of state have a use. They are there for us to challenge, to stand agaisnt, to keep in check, to not allow them to believe that they are more important. It is important for us to respect their authority but it is also important for them to respect our authority.

What's this got to do with birding, with nature? Every community is governed by the same principles and for a community to meet its objective, in our case to preserve nature for future generations, it is important to understand the natural order, the natural equality and natural laws.

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