Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Sallow/Poplar Kitten

Sallow/Poplar Kitten  
Sallow/Poplar Kitten - a first for Beddington Farmlands 
Green Carpet- first for the year. Not a particularly good moth year with lots of cold nights 

Recent highlight was a Sallow/Poplar Kitten which is a first for the farmlands.
Also been doing some grass as part of the Beddington Bioblitz- I reckon I've identified Meadow Foxtail, Hairy Brome and Flase Oat Grass with the help of the FSC Guide to common grasses- the FSC guides are the best way to get started on some of these difficult groups.


Peter Alfrey said...

Steve Gale, Jonathan Newman and Martin Gray are going for Poplar Kitten so that sounds good to me

Nick Tanner said...


it's a Poplar Kitten

regards Nick Tanner

Peter Alfrey said...

Thanks Nick.
All the best