Friday 28 September 2012

Vis Mig

4 Wigeon- new arrivals with 15+ Mallard 
Red Underwing 
Garden Tigers growing in the bugry tank
Plenty of vis mig today with 400+ Swallow, 100+ House Martin, 15+ Sand Martin, 15+ Chaffinch, 50+ Mipits, 2-3 Reed Bunting, (just remembered 2 Mistle Thrush a couple of days ago) and Nick had a Wheatear and Yellow Wag on the mound (Tank had a Whinchat yesterday).
4 Wigeon were a new arrival and looks like there has been an influx of Mallard too.
Had a Red Underwing in the trap last night. My Garden Tiger breeding programme is going well- I rounded them up today to have a count-about 25.
Had three meetings this week regarding various Beddington Farmlands issues and green improvements round here. A few signs of hope. The Mayor has sent back the ERF planning application saying it is not compliant with the London Plan and want issues such as loss of MOL and negative aspects to wildlife and the nature and country park addressed. Can't be a bad thing.

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