Tuesday, 12 July 2011

The Beddington Obs

A few snaps of the 'Beddington Obs' (the right top flat in the bottom pic). Now complete with wildlife garden, bird feeders, moth trap room, office, library, observation window, 42 inch blu ray for watching BBC Wildlife and also window farming (toms, peppers, herbs and melons).


Steve Gale said...

I've blown the picture of your library up and can confirm that we own practically the same books Peter - you need a few botanical ones though...

john said...

We also share some of the same books, but you have some books that make me envious. I got my field guide to the Birds of Costa Rica autographed by Alexander Skutch when he was 99 years old.
Have you birded the Neotropics much?

Peter Alfrey said...

Hi Steve,
there's a few more shelfs out of view with Francis Rose and some pan species stuff too. Hopefully will be getting some more books at the bird fair.

Hi John,
I bought the Costa Rica book but still haven't been- its on the wish list. I've only done Trinidad, Tabago and Ecuador in the Neotropics although really want to go back.