Wednesday, 23 September 2009

North of Faial- 'Fea's' Petrel!

'FEA'S PETREL' today- couldn't get a photo because I fell to pieces as it flew past- almost set my hair on fire with my cigarette and knocked my self in my face with my lens. They are big! Up to 95cm wing span. This is the 26th record of 'Fea's' for Azorean waters and the first one Simon and I have seen. Also 3-4 Sooty Shearwater, 20+ Great Shearwater, 3 Manx Shearwater, 30+ Atlantic Spotted Dolphin, 1 Turtle (someone tell me the species please), 1 Pilot Whale and overall a brilliant day at sea. The waters are deep this side of Faial- lots more activity overall than on the banks.


Chris Townend (aka Jaffa) said...

Well done with the Pterodroma.
No Pain, no Gain!
Turtlr is a Loggerhead.

Peter Alfrey said...

Nice one Jaf.
Got to do Zino's. When are we going?
Loggerhead is a tick.

Olof Jönsson said...

So that's what you guys are doing over there! I got a little confused after talking to Simon on the phone when he said he'd meet up with you on Faial. Birding on Corvo is pretty quiet despite hard work. Looking forward to some westerly winds and some more birders out here to cover the island. Keep up the good work and see you in few weeks!

Peter Alfrey said...

Westerlies coming on Sunday for you. We'll be changing position when the high breaks.
See you soon.