Sunday, 29 March 2020

Project Partial Lockdown

Unfortunately Rishi's bail out package for the self employed didn't include limited company owners who pay dividends or self employed people who have absorbed their profits or only been self employed recently so on those bomb shells we (our team) have to choose between plague and poverty so are being forced to carry on working (while taking as many precautions we can). So it was my usual Wednesday to Friday in the crack of South London and Saturday to Tuesday in the sanctuary of the Old Vicarage. 
The Old Vicarage
With a cold brisk northerly blowing its been pretty raw going working on the garden but we've put in another two raised beds and preparing more seed trays and ordered more seeds.

 The only 'migrant' in the garden has been this Chiffchaff
 Raised beds as far as the eye can see- got ten now and need another two or three
 The broccoli we planted last weekend is coming along well 
 I've got my eye on this bit of garden that the Ponies were moved to during the wet conditions and have inadvertently ploughed it up- thinking of doing a bit of farming if Bryan and James don't object 

Back in the Crack 
So I had to spend Wednesday to Friday doing my utmost best to not catch or transmit the virus. Luckily on Wednesday I had a quote in the hidden gem of Cannizaro Park in Wimbledon so basically was doing my daily walk while getting paid for it- some champions trees in there. Thursday was private quotes- I get the customers to open the gate and either keep their f##king distance or speak to me through the window on the phone of what they want done. Whenever I get back to the van I sanitise with alcohol (my hands look like I've grey scale from Game of Thrones now). I'm also living off food in the doomsday cupboard (been over doing the Oxtail soup) so have not been to any shops. Friday was in doors doing all the end of week admin and accounts etc so luckily I'm basically able to self isolate and continue working. Not looking forward to go back this week as the epidemic peaks. 
 View over Beddington Farmlands and the incinerator- not a single plane or vapour trail in the sky. The whole world has got better air quality apart from South London! 
 With all the cafes shut, my Thursday morning crew meeting and briefing involved just me in the campervan 
Cannizaro Park . The tree list of this park is pretty impressive SEE HERE. Luckily our Merton Council contracts have been handy through this period- we've got a lot of school work to do which we can do while schools are shut and can keep away from everyone 

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