Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Project Lockdown

We've decided to use the lockdown period to get some work done on the Old Vic garden (previous posts on the Old Vic HERE ).  Unfortunately the government have been vague about who can and can't go to work but been very clear that the self-employed won't be receiving adequate help so basically we have to keep working at Little Oak so its only partial lockdown for us. 

However still getting plenty done in the garden. Did an hour or so garden birding this morning, highlight was a Curlew flying over, a small movement of Chaffinch (about 15), a couple of Mipits, 4 Great Spotted Woodpeckers chasing eachother round the Poplars and 1 Redwing. 

The moth trap was pretty quiet as temperatures continue to drop to below zero at night. 

 A good time to get some gardening and garden birding done 
 Holly knocking up a raised bed out of timber that Bryan had lying around 
 The finished result- we made or prepared six raised beds in total and plan to get another six built 
 Colonel Jacob inspecting the work 
 Renovated this box hedge today too as a border between the vegetable area and rest of the garden 
 Got the seeds sown for Broccoli and Tomatoes 
 Red Kite over the garden- a second calender year bird (white spots on underparts) 
Last night's moths (top left to bottom left: Hebrew Character, Early Grey, Clouded Drab and Common Quaker) . 

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Kiran said...

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