Thursday, 10 October 2019

XR London Protests Autumn 2019

A fascinating day up town yesterday joining in with the Extinction Rebellion London Uprising. Here's a few pics. 
The Red Brigade 
Thousands of radical protesters are involved , which has overwhelmed police forces and Westminster and Whitehall are currently completely shut down 
A 'crusty' getting taken to the slammer 
Our future in the coffins (two interpretations of this maybe, both the future of the planet and the future of these martyrs once they get their criminal records) 
Police reinforcements have been called in from across London and beyond and officers are working overtime. Police resources are over stretched. It was announced yesterday that the Met Police will be recruiting thousands more police over the next few years in a major recruitment drive after spending the last seven years cutting them 
On looking passers-by 
There is both a spiritual and demonic atmosphere about the place- like all things everywhere

Tourists trying to compute what is going on with scenes occurring such as below: 

A brave banker walking through the protests
Rozzers overhead 
'Peter and Mary' put in the usual appearance 
XR have got the police blocking the roads for them! 
Our local protest on Tuesday to coincide with the Beddington Farmlands petition hearing. A van full of local rozzers were there to meet us just in case the two kids, their mother, a gran, Leonard, Mark and John and me decided to storm the civic officers and declare complete subjugation and dominion over the local authority  

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