Monday, 2 April 2018

Western Sahara Birding Specialities

A few pics of the local specialities. Unfortunately no pics of the star bird- Golden Nightjar but managed to get a sound recording (scroll down) and flight views. 

Full trip report HERE 

Dunn's Lark
Cricket Warbler (Cricket Longtail) at Oued Jenna
Sudan Golden Sparrow at Oued Jenna 
African Royal Tern with Sandwich Tern 
Male Desert Sparrow 
Temminck's Lark 
Black-crowned Sparrow Lark
Bar-tailed Desert Lark 
Hoopoe Lark 
Cream Coloured Courser 
Trumpeter Finch 
'Desert Grey Shrike' 

'Desert Lanner' 

Download version of recording on Xeno Canto HERE

Full trip report  on the Wise Birding website HERE


Chris Townend said...

Lovely set of photos Pete and brilliant to share all that migration spectacle with you. Plus a bit of bolving! Thanks for the link too.

Peter Alfrey said...

Epic trip Jaff- book me on the next one! and for a weekend Bolving in Devon!

Gareth said...

Nice set of pics Peter, glad the Hump-back Dolphins are still around, your photo of that looks a bit more Loch Ness Monster tho! Really would like to go back myself for that Golden Nightjar.
Cheers, Gareth.

Peter Alfrey said...

Cheers Gareth. So difficult to see the dolphins as usually really choppy in the bay- we got lucky with the weather. Certainly was nessy like!
By the sounds of it Mauritania is even more reliable for Golden Nightjar than WS- new site being discovered with other WP ticks such as the Mousebird and Grey Woodpecker.If your interested and Jaffa (wise birding) pulls off a trip there will let you know.