Sunday, 22 April 2018

Earth Day Local Protest

What better way to spend Earth Day than highlighting the importance of our local green spaces and calling on our local authority and businesses in our area to work together to develop a flagship green community in the Wandle Valley Ward.

It was Jacob's first protest so we made him a special T-shirt for the occasion.

 Happy faces from the Sutton and Croydon Greens 
 Unhappy faces in response to the way the local authority and businesses are buggering up our local nature 
 Wandle Valley Ward Green Councillor Candidates (Helen, myself and Gina) with Green MEP Jean Lambert. 
 Protesting on Goat Bridge about the loss of the Riverine mature tree habitat that was felled by Redrow 
 Myself, Holly and Jacob with his new T-shirt
 A close up of Jacob's new T-shirt - a little reminder to the locally ruling Libs Dems and big businesses like Viridor about how all their  arrogance, projected insecurities and greed is nothing more than a very sad attack on little ones like Jacob- our next generation

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