Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Chris Loughlin- the face of Terror at Beddington Farmlands

Granted this has got to win an award for most over the top post on this blog but the point is that Chris Loughlin CEO of Pennon (parent company of Viridor) ultimately has more power than anyone to make Beddington Farmlands a success story and also has more power than anyone to waste the opportunity to provide nearly 1.4 million people who live in the local area a chance to connect with nature. When you consider that access to nature is a life enhancing experience and the lack of it is a life diminishing experience- this man and others like him have all our futures in their hands. 

The global corporate take over, the shrinkage in local government power and resources, the lobbying power of corporations on political parties and the privatisation movement have all led all of us to this point- a corporate dictatorship, with the heads of those companies having the power to decide the fate of us all. This is Thatcherism crystallised- the most fittest and most deserving dictating the destiny of everyone else. In theory that should make life easy- a few people get to make all the decisions and we all have to dance to their tune- good or bad.  

Well personally I think that is a risky situation to be in- Chris Loughlin like all these multi-millionaires and billionaires have a choice and that choice could involve allowing the 1.4 million people in South London to drift into poverty and despair- and denying access to nature will contribute to that. Many of these corporate leaders, see themselves as Superhumans, winners of a race. Personally I think if these men (nearly always men) choose to see themselves that way then that was a race to the bottom and they are the Captians of Disaster Capitalism- captains of sinking ships.

Sustainable futures are coming, a new politics, a new system. Loughlin retires in 2 years so what does he care... but what about the other, younger people in Pennon/Viridor and all the people and nature they are responsible for. So many of the Captians of Disaster Capitalism are waiting to retire and have little interest in the future. 

Time will tell when our values in society will flip on their heads and we see things for a new perspective- where nothing changes but the value we put on things and when enough people realise that, that is when Sustainable Futures will begin. Personally I think we are at least one generation away and in between that and now will be a great global struggle.  These rapists of society and nature will be the loosers in the new world but they will do us all a favour and create the catalyst for change, basically they will be brought down by the masses who wake up to what is going on the more and more it becomes impossible to hide the nature of these men and the world they have created- not Superhumans but SuperCunts (sorry for the offensive language but the word Cunt should be reserved for these people) with the likes of Donald Trump leading them to their well deserved ends- Extinction. 

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