Saturday, 21 October 2017

Azores Moths

Been a busy week catching up with work and the family after the week away on the Azores but finally got round to sorting out some moth pics from the Azores. The high pressure was not great for bird migrants but the warm evenings were better for insects- still no vagrant yank moth identified (apart from White-speck aka American Wainscot and the Wedgeling which breeds/have colonized on the Azores) but a better selection to attempts in the past. Monarch and American Painted Lady have been recorded on Corvo several times before and of course the only WP breeding population of the American damselfly Citrine Forktail is on the Azores. An American migrant moth is presumably a strong possibility- hopefully soon. 

Here's a few preliminary ids (Thanks BILLY for ids): 

 Scar Bank Gem
American Wainscot aka White-speck 
 Slender Burnished Brass 
Herpetogramma licarsisalis, the Grass Webworm
 Mediterranean Brocade 
 Bactra sp.
Male Gem
 Diamond-back Moth 
pyralid in genus Ephestia
Crocidosema plebejana
The Wedgeling- a North American species that has colonised the Azores 
Galgula partita
Gem and Pug sp

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