Friday, 27 October 2017

Bits and Pieces from this Week

Spent the entire week between getting gripped off with what is going on Corvo HERE and the rest of the time failing to find a Hawfinch for my Beddington list. Overall my late autumn has so far been another disaster following last year's highly skillful achievement of not seeing a Siberian Accentor or any other Eastern Mega. This year I managed to visit Corvo on the ONLY dead days of the entire season and must be one of the few wretched creatures to have not seen a Hawfinch on the local patch. My only solace is knowing that Lee Dingain has seen even less than I have and also the Big Year WP have gone from one bad decision to a cascade of others HERE and I'm also still living off the Schadenfreude of  witnessing British Western Pale top twitchers being stuck on Corvo last year while Siberia invaded the UK. 

So hopefully my tales of woe will bring comfort to others who like me also love seeing others suffering in a mild to moderate manner especially when they've got their priorities all wrong. Its the only thing all humans have in common- that and universal insanity. 

So my exile from the sugar rush world of natural history has had me scrapping along the bottom of nature's barrel- hanging out with insects and small creatures that lurk in the spaces between the spaces and clocking up those brownie points with my two governors and paying the necessary homage to this silly human society that I live in- i.e I've got my work done too .  
 Palpita vitrealis at Beddington
 Satellite- a local Beddington scarcity
 The Vestals keep coming at Beddington
 Sprawler at the Old Vicarage 
 Had what are presumably dark morph Green-brindled Crescents at Beddington and Old Vic
 Rusty-dot Pear at Beddington- the migrant moth activity continues 

and a few yet to id (any help much appreciated) 
 Sawfly sp 
Lacewing sp?
Beetle (jumped around like a flea) 
Leafhopper sp 
Been trying to tune into nocturnal migration at the farmlands but not easy with so many birds calling from the lake! 
The two governors 

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