Friday, 20 October 2017

A nice bit of Mothing

An interesting week on the moth front with a few migrants in the aftermath of Ophelia and some new moths for the farmlands.

Here's a few highlights: 
 Grey Shoulder Knot-  a first for the Farmlands 
 Vestal- Up to 2 recorded most nights this week 
 Brown Ash Ermel Zeneria herpariella (if confirmed a first for the farmlands) 
 Dewick's Plusia- we do have a well known small resident population but this individual was very active and unsettled suggesting the possibility of a  migrant
 Feathered Thorn 
 Beautiful Plume 
Also an influx of these yellowish Lacewings- a different species to the usual Green Lacewings (on left)? 

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