Sunday, 25 June 2017

Rainham etc

Holly, Jacob and I met up with Sue (and later David Lambert) at Rainham this morning. A moderate south west wind meant that insects were few are far between. Highlights included an eclipse male Garganey, a stunning pale and contrasting male Marsh Harrier, Bearded Tit, young Lapwings and Redshanks, a Grass Snake and Drinker moth caterpillars.

 Eclipse male Garganey
 Grass Snake 
  Drinker moth caterpillar

Back at the Obs this morning

Another pretty good night with the moth trap with a few new for years and also a tick for me. 
 Elephant Hawkmoth 
 Dusky Brocade- new for me
 Toadflax Brocade 
 Small Blood Vein 
 Hoary Footman and for comparison below, Common Footman 


Belinda said...

Love the elephant hawk moth pic!

Peter Alfrey said...