Thursday, 1 June 2017

Lodza moffs

These warmer evenings with occasional rain fall have been very productive for the Obs moth trap. Migrants include White Point and Diamond Back Moths and good numbers of commoner species. Here's a random selection of this week's catch. 

 Grass Rivulet
 Scorched Carpet - less than annual 
 Waved Umber- been a wave of them recently 
 White Point- a migrant moth- had them most evenings this week 
 Ephestia unicolorella- a influx of these this week too 
 Eudonia pallida
 Scoparia pyralella, Also had Eudonia angustea this week. 
 Sitochroa verticalis 
 Not sure- Homoeosoma sinuella?  
Willow Beauty 

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