Sunday, 18 June 2017

Moth Weather

Certainly a busy time of year, busy at work, busy on the campaigning front, busy with the baby. living between Oxford and London and with the heat wave its mega busy on the bug front too. I'm doing full on 7am to 10pm working hours at the moment and still can't keep up with everything. Plenty of highlights though including Jacob's super burps and loads of good moths in the traps. Here's a few picture highlights (some id's tentative).

Old Vicarage Moths (Oxford) 
 The Lackey
 Dusky Pearl (i think) 
 Double Square Spot
 A nice fresh Blood Vein 
 I need more pots- ordered another 30

and back at the Beddington Farmlands Obs in the week (London) 
 Brown Silver Lines- a first for the Farmlands 
 Shears- a first for the farmlands
 Poplar Grey
 Ephestia unicolorella and Homoeosoma sinuella (I reckon) 
 Working on it 
 Orchard Ermine  
 Caucasian Stonecrop flowering in the Obs garden 

Planted out the communal veg in the week that I've grown in the obs window farms. Stuck the veg in different places amongst the shrubs and herbaceous. 

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