Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Otmoor RSPB and the Old Vicarage

Spent yesterday mainly at the Old Vicarage with Holly and the baby and managed to get a couple of hours at Otmoor in the evening. Heard the Quail calling from Greenaway. A few other picture highlights:

 Turtle Dove- at least two males singing at Otmoor
 Spotted Flycatcher at the Old Vicarage
 At least seven Little Egrets on Greenaways at Otmoor
 Cuckoos still singing- although only one or two now, down from six plus a couple of weeks ago 
 Hairy Hawker- finally nailed one of these at Otmoor. The central spot on segment one is visible in this pic. Also the long thin pterostigma on the leading edge of the wing and the pairs of elongated blue dots on the abdomen. Also Four-spotted Chasers, Emperor, Ruddy Darters, Brown Hawker, Banded Demoiselle and Common Blue, Azure and Blue-tailed Damselfly.
 Small Fan Foot ( outer cross line on forewing is curved and extends to tip unlike in Fan Foot) and what looks a worn V-pug 
 Engrailed (if I'm not mistaken)
 Pale Prominent 
 Barred Straw
 Tawny Speckled Pug is the closet I can get on this
Wood Cranesbill I do believe (The Old Vicarage) 

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