Wednesday, 14 December 2016

The Old Vicarage

Spent the last couple of days at Holly's. Made some progress with the bioblitz. Did the lawn area this time. I'm trying out using I-record. I usually keep records on private spreadsheets/ systems, generate analysis/ a report and then create a database of relevant information for national recording schemes. By using I-record it's doing it the other way round but is a convenient way of collecting records for casual, temporary or blitz sites etc. Will see what happens.

Here's a few provisional ids for some things I found. Any corrections or suggestions for id greatly appreciated. I'll stick them up on I-spot if no joy here. 

 Mushroom sp (Bonnet?)  with Yellow Feather-Moss
 Jelly ear and fungi sp
 Slime Mould sp? 
Lichen, moss and fungi sp 
Purple Jellydisc

 Fungi sp on Conifer. On left possibly Bleeding Conifer Crust (Stereum sanguinolentum)
At least six of these in the garden 
Poor shot of a Raven in the garden 

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