Monday, 5 December 2016

Alfred Smee- turning in his grave? Beddington Park works.

 I would like to know what Alfred Smee (MY GARDEN) would think of the current works in Beddington Park ?

Large scale felling of the former Herony and island woodlands. All looks pretty brutal. Click on facebook symbol (top right) below for some discussion and comments.

The plan . Seems strange that none of the mature trees have been preserved on the island considering the islands are due to be extended and re-planted at the end. Like most things in the local area I suspect that  large contractor pressure through the procurement and planning process has resulted in insensitive felling and un-necessary re-stocking to maximise contract value at the expense of ecological and heritage preservation (usual story basically). I've been in this game a long time and perhaps it comes as a comfort to some people that the men running a lot of these large companies will be spending the money that they make on this brutal style of green space management by buying massive houses and kitting them out with outside Jacuzzi, indoor gyms . outdoor kitchens , swimming pools and sorting out the inside with marbled kitchens and bathrooms while funding women with expensive tastes and breeding spoilt horrible brats.. Nice to know that our natural heritage is being processed into such worthy creations :-/
Male Mandarin on the lake (a local rarity)

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