Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Pan Species List Update

Been working through unidentified photo specimens from the summer and updating my Beddington Farmlands pan-species list HERE with the help of I-SPOT HERE.  I make it 43 new species for my personal list this year including White Stork which takes my bird list to 218 (We lost the bird list league table when Johnny went awol but I think Garry is on 225, Johnny was on 219 and Roy was 215- so I think I'm third in the game).  As far as I know 1211 pan species at the farmlands is the record but then again I'm the only one in the entire universe who is counting! 

Will need to get round to updating the official Beddington Farmlands List HERE which on the last count was 2029 species (last updated in July 2015)- so must be getting towards 2100 now? 

The most recent lists can be found here using the Biodiversity drop down menu HERE. All will need updating at some point. 

Here's a few distinctive species from the specimens: 

 Welsh Chafer
 Black-clouded Longhorn Beetle 
 Neetle Groundbug
Twin-spot Centurion

Thanks to Chris from I-spot for the identifications. 

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