Thursday, 16 April 2015

Vote for Yourself ?


All these lovely ideas; a nature and well being act, upholding biodiversity action plans, supporting the London Green Grid and protecting London's Green Belt. 

Problem is all those things already exist in some shape or form but local events (the Beddington Farmlands ERF and the new school proposal) clearly show that parliamentary protection even when it exists is no match for corporate money and organisation. 

We don't really need more legislation and centralised power. What we need is more de-centralised power and more local people getting involved, defending the things they value themselves, holding big business to account, occupying territory, demonstration, legal challenge and taking over the management (in part or fully) of those resources. Voting for someone else to do all the hard work is simply a lazy fantasy. Voting for someone to uphold a central objective is sort of okay (the easy bit) but that has be  in concert with a ground swell movement which is the only thing that will drive real change.

Elect yourself to power!? 

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