Saturday, 4 April 2015

Easter Holiday

Polly Morgan bringing a modern twist to taxidermy and natural history displays (More here

It's holiday time which means family days out. Good Friday we went to the Horniman museum and Gardens at Forest Hill.  A good natural history collection and some cultural stuff too, collected by old great and good Frederick Horniman, who built a public museum to show off his bling and try and educate the public too (nobody's still quite cracked that one!).

Artist Polly Morgan had a display using stuffed animals- the kind of stuff that if your mate was showing you that he'd made in his bedroom and wasn't for an art house or museum- you'd fear for your safety. Needless to say, right up my street- loved it.

Looks like the Tickell's Thrush in the collection is wrongly labelled (looks like a Black-throated to me).

A must see on the London natural history circuit.


 Easter Sunday at Richmond Park with Rachel and Sue- nice little bit of habitat recently been created in the Isabella Plantation
Easter Monday- family walk round Little Woodcote. Buzzards and Peregrine and added a few more species to Sid's Bioblitz list SID's BIOBLITZ

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