Saturday, 18 April 2015

Watching flies- missed a Marsh Harrier

 Female Sparrowhawk- the irregular barring on the underparts and streaked cheeks  suggests this is a young bird- 2nd calender year. The moulting of the inner primaries seems quite early- usually starts in May and June. The size, strucutre and early moult support sexing as female (males moult later)
 Green-veined White. The first of the year in the week. Also the first Orange-tips this week.
 Eristalis sp? 
 Episyrphus balteatus (The Marmalade Fly)- Britain's commonest hover.
 Works have commenced on the new entrance to the farmlands
The daffs have come ok on the Hackbridge verges (part of the green corridor improvements adjacent to the reserve), Before pic HERE

Bit cool and windy today so I headed to the north lake path to look for insects. They concentrate there when windy because it sheltered by the taller trees. Problem is the trees keep the wind and view of the sky out so its a bit of a tunnel in there- which is why I missed the Marsh Harrier flying the other side of the trees. Not the first time birds have been missed by not 'looking up' BEETLEJUICE DIPPING

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