Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Last few Days

 Two adult Mediterranean Gulls. 4-6 birds moving through today (calling), 1 yesterday and 1 last weekend. A light passage this time of year has been detected in recent years e.g. HERE
 Sand Martin- had two on Sunday and one past the window today. The westerly winds are strong at the moment holding things back. Still no fall of Wheatears. 
 The Mute Swans have moved into the areas we cleared on the island and built a nest from the strimmings- Great to see the work making a difference:  SEE HERE
 Male Shelduck- currently eight birds on site. Hopefully will repeat last year's breeding success
 Tawny Mining Bee
Eristalis sp? 
Mird Bug Possibly Deraeocoris (Knightocapsus) lutescens. (I-SPOT ID). My 1104th species for Beddington. A few bugs about but the cool windy conditions are holding things down .

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