Sunday, 1 March 2015


 Jackdaws at Beddington (on the tip) 
Eastern Jackdaw (soemmerringii), Romania. Looking out for one of these in the 5000+ Jackdaws that we have the farmlands. Note the more contrasting plumage and prominent half-collar).


Steve Gale said...

Back in the 1970s Jackdaw was quite notable at Beddington - times really have changed.

john said...

Send one of those my way. I have never seen a Jackdaw in my part of the world.

Peter Alfrey said...

Will do John!
Steve- numbers up and down (very few records from 1970s) but certainly exploded since the landfill e.g.
1936- up to 60 birds on site
1955.54- max of 14
1959- max of 50
1985- max of 10
1994- max of 85
2005- max of 5000
2014- max of 3000

Bomber said...

Hi Pete, any thoughts on this Jackdaw I got on my TrailCam? The bird on the path (obviously!)

Peter Alfrey said...

Hi Dave,
looks like it has a bright semi-collar but hard to have a good look- keeps popping up and down. In bright light our Jackdaws can give that impression- often confusing me at Beddington. Be good to see some stills of it.