Monday, 23 March 2015

A nice little day

 Adult pale phase Common Buzzard (Aged on broad trailing edge on under-wing. From Rough-legged by compact structure, lack of broad belly patch , lack of hooded appearance and dark tail with white restricted to bases of the upper-tail coverts). 

Female Garganey. The wintering bird still present. 
 Chiffchaff- several birds singing today
 Ploughing of the mounds. Perfect timing for attracting migrating Wheatears- fingers crossed for right weather over next few days 
Pied Wagtail (female here) moved straight onto the ploughed area for feeding

Great to see the mounds being ploughed as discussed in the last Conservation Science Group meeting (for once!). The ploughing has been timed to coincide with peak Wheatear migration in preparation for seeding for a sacrificial crop that will provide food for next winter.

A few bits and bobs todays including a very pale Common Buzzard (and other more typical Common Buzzards), Red Kite, a passage of Mipits, a female Stonechat and also good views of the over wintering Garganey. Still waiting for the first Sand Martins. 

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