Monday, 16 June 2014

It will end

Practising recording live songs with nothing but my compact bird sound recorder (I've run out of money to go the studio and our producer has got some strange disease and my recording software crashed and burnt).

This is a song about nature and humanity bouncing back from the current journey into the unknown (what appears to be a race to the bottom- round here anyway).
It's shit but I quite like that.

When all the arguments have been won, and the policies outnumber the suns, when all the energy has all gone, then it will rise and this will end.

When all the birds and bees have been confined to the wastelands, steep slopes and the heights, waiting patiently to recolonize, then it will rise and this will end

When everybody's had their time of fame, and my friends are on the TV again, when celebrities outnumber real men, then it will rise and this will end

When the billionaires have been cut to size, apart from one of them that continues to rise in a tower that grows higher than the sky, with all the world's wealth locked up inside, with an empty wasteland left outside and sparks of perfect love waiting to re-ignite, then it will rise and it will begin

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