Monday, 9 June 2014

A few recent pics and bits

 Great Crested Grebe- an adult has appeared on the Northern Lake
 Juvenile Great Tit- flocks of juv tits about- feeding in the hemlock
 A single rogue male Teal appeared (mid-summer wanderers)
 Mallards going into eclipse
 All eleven Shelduck chicks alive and growing well
 Up to 300 Starling on site- numbers boosted by the first waves of juvs. Check at the moulting adults and the fresh winged juvs in this pic,
 White Ermine- quite a few moths last night but a lot of recent nights have been cool and quiet
 Marbled Minor
 Caddis Fly- quite an influx last night of what apppeared to be at least three species of caddis fly. Species one here and other two in pics below.

Comment from Derek Coleman: On your blog from top to bottom - probably Mystacides azurea, a leptocerid caddis cannot identify to species and a definite Mystacides longicornis.   (Cheers Derek!) 

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