Friday, 13 June 2014

Hornet Moths (and Committee Nightmares)

 Hornet Moths and pupal cases. Derek Coleman found them in old poplar trunk by the London Road. The adults had emerged and got caught in spiders webs and killed. The wings of the adult on the left look like they hadn't even opened properly. The old trunk was full of holes where the Hornet Moths had presumably been using the site for years.
 Elephant Hawkmoth- the first for the year last night
 Least Carpet- the first for the year
 Don't know yet
At work yesterday visited one of my favourite gardens we help to maintain- absolutely buzzing with insects. Wildlife friendly gardens can be fairly formal and tidy- you get posh bugs too.

Had a pretty awful morning in the Conservation Science Group meeting with reps from all the big players involved in Beddington Farmlands- Viridor, Sutton Council, Thames Water, The Environmental Agency,The Site Ecologists, London Wildlife Trust and myself representing the Bird Group. Nothing really worse then having to work with people who are not passionate about what they are doing. Just really want to spend my time with decent passionate people and just getting sick of negative, uninspiring and boring people blocking good work that is possible with these committees and community groups. My only comfort is thinking that they have to be doing a job they have no passion for- that's better than any revenge I can think of. 
Rest of the day was pretty brilliant- Derek showed me a Hornet Moth colony (unfortunately found some dead ones caught in spiders webs), then spent some time with my brother who is back from Bulgaria where he is working on THIS, then with the local church wildlife gardeners and the evening with my neice for a Disney movie and pizza.

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