Tuesday, 24 June 2014

High Summer

 Common Whitethroat- 20-30 pairs on site
 Little Owl (in the park)
 Roesel's Bush-cricket
 Short-cloaked Moth
 Single-dotted Wave
 Evening Primrose in wildlife garden on Bedzed
Goats Rue and Mallow in meadow on southern mound
A few pics from last couple of days. It's been hectic on the moth front- micros driving me nuts! Spent yesterday at a One Planet Sutton meeting in the morning, looking at the botany and entomology on the Southern Mound in the afternoon, this morning on Mitcham Common looking for White-letter Hairstreak with Butterfly Conservation, afternoon doing wildlife gardening on Bedzed and the evening in Beddington Park with Nick- so been roaming acorss the whole of the heartland of the Regional Park to make the most of the good weather.  
Micros here: MICROS

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