Saturday, 7 December 2013

Shai Hills- Final Day in Ghana

 Our group
 John and Nigel
Graham at Bobiri
Robert on left (and our safari guard) 
Viper sp
I missed a day somewhere as we were away for 19 days :-) (Dodgy internet connections)
Last day was spent at Shai Hills in the morning and then back home. Almost trod on a viper. 
A great trip. Thanks to Jaffa (Chris Townend from Wise Birding) and Robert.

I made it 410 species seen and/or heard.

Trip report to follow. 


john said...

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your posts from Ghana. I have birded South Africa and Uganda, (best places I have ever been) now I will have to add West Africa to the bucket list. Such great birds.

Peter Alfrey said...

Great place John.