Monday, 16 December 2013

All for F#ck All

Here is a list of some of the main events documented in this blog with regards to development of the nature reserve at Beddington Farmlands, events which have included the work of  the Beddington Farm Bird Group, the Hackbridge Neighbourhood Development Group, the London Borough of Sutton's biodiversity team, the local community, local businesses, the RSPB, the LWT, local environmental chairty Bioregional, the Design Council (CABE), University College London, BBC Natural World, BBC Springwatch, local papers,The Urban Birder, Birdwatch Magazine, BBC news, ITN news, local schools, local church members and many more organisations and individuals.

All that work (as it stands now) has amounted to fuck all as failure of the planning system in granting permission for the incinerator without adequate mitigation and an inability by local government to enforce any planning conditions from previous applications has set the future of a dictatorship by waste management company Viridor (part of the Pennon Group PLC)  who have consistently defaulted on all their local environmental obligations in the past and have overseen a complete failure in the conservation management plan and development of the site for a public nature reserve.

In the absence of a working democracy and in an environment of dictatorship by a public limited company that is answerable only to it's shareholders (so will therefore deliver minimal environmental and social investment) the local environment and the society it serves is basically completely and utterly fucked.

The only solution is the possibility of the application being overturned as part of the Judicial Review process and following that it is direct action to disrupt Viridor in their ability to profit from environmental and social destruction and to encourage them to 'improve'.

161213  Present
071113  Incinerator Protest at Development Control Committee meeting
301013  Stop the Incinerator campaign fund raising campaign for judicial review costs commences. Various meetings and discussions with BFBG members, STI members and lawyers
261013  Further voluntary conservation work on green corridors
270813  BFBG and nature reserve promotion stand at the Carshalton Environmental Fair
250813  Local community bird and wildlife autumn walk.
210813  GLA approve incinerator proposal. Decision reported on BBC and ITN news. BFBG members interviewed.
110813  National Moth Night at Beddington Farmlands
070813  BBC London news report on incinerator (interview with BFBG members)
060813  Incinerator issue reported in national press
030813  BFBG members assist with London Borough of Sutton Bioblitz
280713  Local community bird and wildlife walk
180713  New Beddington Farmlands Bird and Wildlife Report 2012 published
110713  Further moth trapping, entomological and botanical surveying towards species inventory
210613  BFBG discuss with local and london assembly members of the Green Party concerns regarding the incinerator
210613  Presentation at Wandle Conference to Wandle Valley Regional Park Forum and members of the Trust.  'The Sleeping Giant of London's Natural World'
080613  Neighbourhood development group carry out biodiversity improvements to Mile Road Bridge to improve entrance to nature reserve
170513  BFBG led e-campaign to encourage writing to Mayor's office to oppose incinerator
Stop the Incinerator campaign concurrently set up a petition to hand to the Mayor's office
150513  Incinerator gets permission from the local authority planning committee and is referred to the GLA for approval
060513  Further surveys (on going almost daily) for nature reserve species inventory
040513  Bird Race Day
280413  Bird and wildlife walk for the local ramblers group
270413  BFBG and nature reserve promotion stand at the LBS Biodiversity Gardens showcase event
260413  Further voluntary conservation work on green corridor improvements
240413  Planning Control Committee meeting to decide on incinerator proposal. BFBG had previously submitted three responses to the case planning officers objecting on various grounds. A decision is deferred.
070413  Significant pollution incident in the Northern Lake created by debris from the landfill site polluting the lake following a storm
060413  Further voluntary conservation work including new wildflower strips. Works begin on improving Mile Road Bridge entrance to the nature reserve. Viridor plant an area of the Southern mound with trees.
210213 BBC Natural World re-run 'Un-natural history of London' featuring Beddington Farmlands
190213  Meeting with design council (CABE) to comment on NDG plans including nature reserve proposals
160213  Presentation at Bioregional regarding neighhourhood development group (NDG) proposal to develop nature reserve. 'Hackbridge, Beddington Farmlands and the Wandle Valley Regional Park'.
              Meeting at council offices to discuss Biodiversity improvements between Beddington Farmlands and the Wandle Valley Regional park
              Conservation Science Group meeting- no consensus to approve new version of conservation management plan with incinerator included
081212-  BFBG invited to the House of Lords for 'Environment and Communities Reception'
                Weekly/ bi-weekly meetings in developing local neighbourhood plan and gateway to nature         reserve
071112-  Further volunteer conservation work on nature reserve green corridors
241012-  Volunteer conservation work along nature reserve green corridors (including the planting of 2500 bulbs with the local schools)
250912- A first for Beddington- Long-tailed Skua. The 257th species recorded for Beddington Farmlands.
160912- Local community bird and wildlife walk.
120912- BFBG led e-campaign to encourage local community to oppose incinerator plans
010912- Further volunteer conservation work at reserve
290812- Local authority led phase one habitat surveys along nature reserve green corridors.
Further consultation and meetings regarding incinerator proposal.
280812- The Carshalton Enviornmental Fair- promoting wildlife photography at Beddington farmlands and highlight of concerns regarding Incinerator
200812- Jersey Tiger moth invasion
240712- Further ongoing pan species recording (as part of species inventory for nature reserve)
180712  Hackbridge Church Bioblitz- led by London Borough of Sutton as part of integrating local community with nature reserve and borough wide biodiversity green space management
130712  Further work on the London Tree Sparrow partnership and the colour ringing project
080712  Hackbridge carnival and further nature reserve publicity and promotion as part of developing neighbourhood plan to develop a gateway to the regional park and the nature reserve
040712  Hawk moths make first appearance at 'obs' moth trap
100612  BFBG and nature reserve promotion stand at the London Borough of Sutton Bioblitz event
300512 National Bee-Day with BFBG members and local conservation charity Bioregional
270512  Further voluntary conservation work- wildflower meadows and wildlife gardening
240512  Further public consultation on the Incinerator. BFBG members provide extensive feedback.
150512  Entomological lab for species inventory set up at 'the obs'
100512  Turtle Dove at the obs feeding station on the day RSPB Operation Turtle Dove is launched
050512  The Incinerator issue is a main focus of local paper reporting
280412  BFBG Bird race day
230412  Local community bird and wildlife walk
220412  Further pan species recording- this on going initiative occurring most days
060412  Local demonstration to protect Irrigation Bridge as part of an access network to the nature reserve and wider regional park
010412  The Beddington Farmlands Ringing Station (to monitor bird migration)  is re-established- led by Mike Netherwood.
270312  The local authority assist in developing wildflower meadows in Hackbridge as part of integrating the nature reserve with the surrouding community
160312  I win an EU backed award for 'Environmental Excellence' lol :-)
120312  Latest in a whole series of meetings (one to two a week) working on developing a neighbourhood development plan which incorporates integration of the nature reserve and developing a gateway to the Wandle Valley Regional park. Partners include London Borough of Sutton, University College London, Bioregional and a wide range of local groups including the BFBG.
190212  Beddington Farmland Nature Reserve briefing report published by BFBG
140112  London Tree Sparrow Partnership propose colour ringing population
              Viridor commence public consultation of the incinerator
021111 Diverting of canal at nature reserve
191111 Hackbridge Neighbourhood Development Group, 're-visioning' day (Nature Reserve tour included)
151111 Funeral of Simon Aspinall- Beddington farmlands 'graduate', world class conservationist and founding member of Tree Sparrow conservation at Beddington.
141111 Tree Sparrows attracted to satellite feeding area (although only other side of railway)
131111 Further wildlife gardening in local community to promote integration of the reserve , the local village and the wider Wandle Valley Regional Park
270911 Meeting with Tom Brake (local MP) who agrees to lend further support the nature reserve development
180911 Local community autumn bird walk. A Pectoral Sandpiper is found. Systematic moth recording with actinic light commences from 'the obs'.
050911 Further moth trapping as part of pan species inventory recording
010911 Dewick's Plusia moth discovered. A small resident (breeding) population is the recorded case in the UK.
310811 Birdwatch Magazine review 'The Birds of Beddington Farmlands'- described as an 'Urban Birding Benchmark'
290811 BFBG and nature reserve publicity stand at the Carshalton Environmental Fair. Nature reserve supporters are added to mailing list (300+ members eventually signed up)
260811 Further voluntary (and some poorly paid) conservation work to assist Viridor in habitat management
210811 Local community autumn wildlife walk
080811 Local riots and rampaging
300711 Pan species inventory work continues
280711 Tree Sparrow feeding station is set up in satellite area to assist in wider ranging winter feeding
260711 Richard Black from RSPB speaks to BBC Radio 4 about the London Tree Sparrow Partnership
220711 A population of Common Lizards found on the reserve by ecological consultants (who later denied finding them in incinerator planning application !)
210711 Systematic moth trapping and botany recording continues
170711 London Tree Sparrow Partnership public presentation day
150711 Black Kite recorded- a first for the site
060711 British Birds publishes 1% threshold winter bird population paper. Green Sandpiper, Caspian Gull and Lesser Black Gull are 1% threshold species at Beddington Farmlands.
010711 'The Birds of Beddington Farmlands' available on i-tunes
250611  The London Tree Sparrow Partnership is set up- a partnership between the RSPB, Beddington Farm Bird Group, Viridor and MKA Ecology
160611  Natural re-generation on nature reserve produces a blaze of summer colour
200511 Local environmental charity Bioregional first attempt at taking a leading role in development of nature reserve
010511 BFBG take part in International Dawn Chorus Day and lead public tour
270411 Beddington Farmlands Pan Species Inventory begins
170411 Local community spring bird walk
090411 Local Newspaper article 'Choking on Incinerator Plans'
160311 BBC Natural World documentary making
250211 Re-generation development in Hackbridge commences
240111 Bat boxes put up on reserve
230111 Presentation at local community forum about Beddington Farmlands Nature Reserve
190111 BBC Natural World documentary making
160111 Local paper article about publication of 'The Birds of Beddington Farmlands'
100111  Birdwatch Artist of the Year Szabolcs Kokay designs Beddington Farmalnds Nature Reserve logo
070111  BBC Natural World documentary making at Beddington Farmlands
201210 Just a great days birding at Beddington Farmlands
181110 The Birds of Beddington Farmlands book published
111110 Wandle Valley Regional Park Forum working groups established
180910 BFBG and nature reserve publicity stand at the Hackbridge Carnival
110910 Hackbridge Forum meeting (in the previous week). Local authority led localism meeting about empowering local people into the planning system. Hackbridge chosen as a Localism front runner as part of Coalition Government Big Society initiative. Beddington Farmlands Nature Reserve key feature of local planning strategy.
020910 Birdwatch article published 'Building the Reserve of the Future'
110810 Further reed bed planting on Southern Lake
080810 Local community early autumn bird walk
070810 Photograph of  controversial Glaucous-winged Gull  at Beddington Farmlands wins British Birds Karl Zeiss Award
030810 Further voluntary conservation work
220710  Reed Bed Planting on Southern Lake
090710  New Beddington Farmlands Nature Reserve newsletter is launched
200610   London Natural History Society Botany group conduct botany survey
180610 BBC Springwatch featuring Beddington birders is televised
060610 Wandle Festival Weekend- Festival to promote the Wandle Valley Regional Park (Beddington Farmlands forms the core of the Regional Park)
150510 Beddington Birders and the Urban Birder take part in Springwatch and the Oystercatcher Bird Race
060510 Local newspaper article on migration studies at Beddington Farmlands/ Greater London
020510 Pacific Golden Plover at Beddington Farmlands- the first in London for over 100 years
280410 Wandle Valley Regional Park Conference- workshop featuring Beddington Farmlands
250410 Local community Spring bird walk
210410 BBC Documentary making about wildlife in London- featuring Beddington Farmlands
180410 Local Paper Article 'BBC Migration Studies at Beddington Farmlands'
070410 BFBG team up with Tower 42 Bird Study Group for media campaign
270310 Local Newspaper article 'Outrage to Build Incinerator on Local Nature Reserve'
260310 BFBG join Tower 42 Bird Study Group (Urban Birding Promotion Campaign by David Lindo)
240310 Conservation volunteer day with BFBG members, MKA Ecology and Viridor
230310 Local Community produce own newsletter- Beddington Farmlands to be a key aspect to future of local area from outset
210310  Bird walk for London Natural History Society members led by Derek Coleman- one of up to six a year of these visits
180310  Local paper article about sustainable village plans (and integration with nature reserve)
160310  Further public wildlife garden planting at 'the obs'
150310  RSPB senior officials visit site to discuss their involvement in Nature Reserve development
150210  New mailing list for supporters of Beddington Farmlands Nature Reserve set up
110210  Local meeting to plan local improvements to integrate local neighbourhood to nature reserve
090210  News of Incinerator proposal is leaked
260110  New feeding station for public viewing established at obs
210110  BFBG join local Neighbourhood Development Group to champion nature reserve development
170110  Lapland Bunting twitch- BFBG open site and manage twitch
140110  Local paper article on winter wildlife at Beddington Farmlands
241209  Roger Browne publishes first of many on line Beddington Farmalnds photo gallery
221209  Wildlife documentary filming at Beddington Farmlands
131209  Winter birding public tour
091209  Wildlife garden planting carried out at 'the obs'
261109  Local paper article published
181109  Interview with local paper about Beddington Farmlands and future nature reserve plans
311009  BFBG stall at the Croydon RSPB fair
041009  Local community tour led by 'The Urban Birder', David Lindo
130909  I purchase property ('the obs') overlooking site with aim of being in a prime position to increase monitoring, campaigning activity and also green improvements connecting nature reserve with village and River Wandle
190809  Beddington Farm Bird Group reviews aims and objectives and re-organises
120709  Public tour of Beddington for local people- the first of many tours aimed at educating local people to the importance of the site and future plans to develop a public nature reserve
220609  David Lindo, 'The Urban Birder' visits Beddington as a champion of a major urban nature reserve for South London
020509  Patchwatch- BFBG support and donate to Birdwatch campaign for Azores Bullfinch
010409  G20 Protests in London attended
250309  Blog debate about the plight of Beddington with RSPB staff
151208 BFBG Voluntary work clearing North Lake to assist Viridor in habitat management


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Peter Alfrey said...

Need £30,000 for the JR- raised £550 so far haha :-)

Darryl said...

The way things are going, someone will be along any moment to frack the farmlands and then build a 'satellite runway' for Heathrow on it.

PS. Is Jaff only swearing in Spanish now?

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