Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Azores Review 2013

A few personal highlights from my trips to the Azores in 2013:


More on this here:

Going out again next year- let me know if your interested (Monteiro's Petrel, Grant's Petrel, vagrant seabirds and marine life). Email:

Swinhoe's Petrel- second year in a row that we've found this species on the trip
Monteiro's and 'Grant's' Petrel were recorded
Fea's/ Desertas Petrel
Brown Booby (with Arctic Skua and Cory's Shearwater) 
First-winter Roseate Tern
Long-tailed Skua
Blue Shark (with Pilot fish) 
Asian Oystercatcher

2013 Team

CORVO 2013

Cedar Waxwing 
Cliff Swallow (Vincent Legrand)
Glossy Ibis- record numbers this year
Azorina vidalii

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