Saturday, 28 December 2013

2014 PLAN

I'm not one to allow complete and total annihilation to dampen the spirit so despite this year's revelations that:

a) the only government in charge of protecting our local environment is one that cannot afford to enforce it's own rules e.g. there is no government
 b) that a bunch of glorified pikies (Virdor) are at large on doing a glorious bodge job on the single most important part of the green and biodiversity infrastructure of South London,
c) the conservation, environmental and social NGO's in self appointed charge of protecting the local environment and people are self appointing themselves (and others NGO friends) the funds which are awarded for improvements
d) the local people and wildlife who are in a spiral of decline and are the supposed recipients of all this attention are either completely unaware of what is being done in their names or are non-sentient beings (who probably aren't even aware they exist before they go extinct) .

here is my plan for 2014


1. Attempt to increase the number of members in the Beddington Farmlands Nature Reserve support camp
2. Partner with local conservation and environmental NGO's and attempt to help with well focused spending that actually deliver more in the way of real improvements. Try not to call anyone a useless swindling career conservationist toss-pot in the process. 
3. Do what we can in the Judicial Review period. Expose the facts publicly, be aware that the judges are all in on all this way of the world stuff and just hope we (I) get out alive! Go in light, drop the facts off and get out quick. 
4. Continue with the species monitoring, pan-species inventory and reporting- not because scientific facts that prove a declining state have any power over human greed/ weakness but because its good fun. 
5. Continue with public engagement activities and try and connect to the people all these improvements are supposedly aimed at (and try and disengage the free-loaders and green w#nkers) 
6. Work on the green infrastructural improvements that integrate the reserve, the village and the Wandle
7. Try and keep the insults about Viridor to a minimum- they have all powerful omnipotent rule and can quite easily execute all of us (take away the keys and sue us for the shirts off our back)
8. Of course as ever while I'm killing time with all of the above keep looking for that rare gull and/or mega bird. 

1. Get out of this shit hole and get to the Azores as often as I can.


1. Keep writing and singing this nonsense instead of becoming a terrorist. 


Lee Dingain said...

Should have called this post 'Bog Wars: A New Hope'.

Peter Alfrey said...

hhahaha- or Bog Wars 2014- A new horizon of hopelessness

Kathy Rita said...

like the Azores right now Im ready to leave it all!! =)

Peter Alfrey said...

Lol. We can swap places :-)